Music Was My First Love

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My name is Tony Shelley, and this blog is mostly about my record collection, but with some sidesteps into gigs I’ve attended, some memorable and not so memorable expreiences, and my time as a shooter (photographer) of musicians, bands and concerts.


This is a fairly recent Lomographic image of myself with Art Whitiker (my oldest friend) and John Toye a fellow shooter. Art turned me onto the band ‘Comus’ in the early 1970’s and I will be blogging about them in the near future. But you will hear a lot about a great mate of mine, somebody I’m very close to called Chris Green, a shit hot drummer, great designer and all round decent guy. Enjoy the blog, let me know what you think, good or bad.

No Confusion

If I had to choose one Sabbath album out of their entire catalogue, Volume 4 would be head and shoulders above the rest. It’s a stunning album, Black Sabbath on top of their game, despite the immense drug problems that besieged the band at the time. Still great and crazy after four decades.

Third Time Lucky

‘Sin After Sin’ was Judus Priest’s third album, and the one than began the ball rolling which lead to world wide fame and fortune. Released in 1977, during the period when punk rock dominated the British music scene, the album was generally well received, a couple of tracks even made it to John Peel’s turntable (no mean feat).

It was head and shoulders above the bands first two albums, and tracks from it are still included in Priest live sets today. For me its their best ever album, raw, aggressive, and fast moving. Everything you want from a 70’s heavy rock LP.

My Tapes (2)

Yes, another tape from my collection. This time its the debut album from Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Pronounced Len-nerd Skin-nerd. I first saw this band at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK, when they opened for Golden Earring in 1974. They were amazing, closing of course with what became their anthem ‘Free Bird’ which is on this album/tape.

The tape itself is not in the best of conditions, but rather than buy the album, I’m going to make a digital copy on my iMac. Can’t remember for the life of me, how long I’ve had this cassette. But it still send shivers down my sign, crackles an all.

My Tapes (1)

What the F*** is that, some people might say when they look at the image. “A cassette, this idiot is still listening to tapes. Well yes I do, and when I’m out and about I scour all manner of charity shops for stuff i can play on my Ion Twin Cassette Deck.

A recent addition purchased for 50p is ‘The American Groups’ which contains classics from The Turtles. The McCoys, The Ventures and many more. I love watching the tape swirl from one side to another. Call me old fashioned, true, but I don’t really give a F***.

Time To Retire.

I’ve been a fan of Deep Purple in all their incarnations since 1969. Over the decades they have produced some of most classic rock tracks of all time. Since the departure of guitar virtuoso Ritchie Blackmore in the mid 1990’s, they’ve had to reinvent themselves, but still producing great music.

‘Infinite’ I’m sorry to say isn’t one of them, it has its moments, but if there was ever a time for this band to retire with dignity, now is that time. As I understand, this IS going to be their final studio album. If that be true, I for one will be very pleased.

Fab Soundtrack

Music written for movies can sometimes be so dire, you wonder why they bother. Not so with ‘Tumbledown’. I loved the movie, but the music, composed by Damian Jurado is simply gorgeous. Gentle yet moving in parts, and fits the storyline beautifully. I play this mostly in the Summer, somehow seems to fit.

Darby Day

Back in the 1980’s, music for me was pretty awful for the most part, all glam, big hair and little in substance. One of the exceptions was Terrance Trent D’Arby, these days known as Sananda Maitreya.

His 1993 album ‘Symphony Or Damn’ was much harder and grittier than his 80’s material, but for me its his best album, one I play on a regular basis.