One Of The Great Lost Albums Of All Time.

I first saw Silverhead when they opened for Humble Pie at Leicester Polytechnic, in the winter of 1972. Their stage presence was electric and they blew the Pie off stage. The second time I witnessed their fabulous sound was when they supported Nazareth in 1973.

This recently released CD (with extra tracks, some live), holds up today and is as good as anything around. It also contains a booklet which is rich in band information and history. For anybody who has any interest in early 1970’s rock, look no further than this debut album from one of the greatest bands, if not the greatest band of their generation.


Author: tonysounds69

I was born and raised in Leicester UK, in October 1953. Dad played the piano and our house was rich in musical diversity. Big band sounds of the 1930's and 1940's, rock & roll sounds from the 1950's and 1960's all had equal play time on the gramophone, and tuning into Radios Luxembourg and Caroline, Heaven on Earth. Music has always played a huge part of my life, and still does.

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